The Creative Young African ebook + workbook




Are you stuck not knowing if you are creative?

Can’t remember the last time your ‘proper’ job brought you joy?

Want to explore your creative self and start creating, but don’t know how?

The Creative Young African is for you!

About five years ago, I wasn’t seriously writing or creating. I wrote a bit on my blog but I (like many young Africans) was caught up in wanting to succeed in the Science field and secretly hating it. Life happened, Science was not it. Either, I was going to try one last time to start again on this Science journey or I was going to … I didn’t know what I was going to do. The former scared the mess out of me, but the latter scared me more.

I took the leap and ended up having the time of my life, writing and creating professionally, dabbling in the tv commercial industry, social media, and radio.

Wondering how this happened? Especially coming from a background where the Sciences are oh so glorified?

This guide gives tips on how you can start on your creative journey, how to recognize your creative skills and encouragement to keep you on track as you explore this creative journey.


If your ambitions are to be an unconventional entrepreneur, be an artist, write a book in an uncommon genre, start a fashion blog, or be a singer, but feel your culture and beliefs do not allow you to be what you want to be, this guide is for you.

The Creative Young African is a guide targeted to young Africans that are hesitant to unlock their potential and original creativity, and to showcase it to the world;

This Guide offers  you;

▪ Encouragement and tips on how to recognize your potential.

▪ To get started on your recognized skill.

▪ What steps to take.

▪ Monitor and evaluate your progress as you go on your journey.

These tips and following steps will help you to realize your potential skills and get on track with your creativity.