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Surrendering your reputation.

The cool guy, the funny one, little miss serious with the dainty glasses perched on her nose.
Witty, oh so sarcastic, the DJ, the surfer, the economist, the doctor,
You’re known as the cute one, the hot one, the quirky one, and you wear your little label with pride!
You’re the nerdy engineer with a hidden passion for karaoke and know all the words to every Backstreet Boys song. EVER!
You studied economics, so you have to quote from the latest article in the Economist than let people know you watch anime` videos and eat copious amounts of jelly babies.
You get home at the end of the day, exhausted! From your daily acting career where there is no chance you will get an Oscar!

You have a reputation.
I get it.

More often than not people see through it.
They ask themselves why you feel you need to hide it whilst their stealth moves are to be envied!
You see the people that actually know you see the facade and are confused.
We’re all doing it!
What would it be like to surrender our reputations?

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