The eyeroll.

I’ve always felt a little afraid of writing about my faith on this blog.
I’ve cared too much about the eye rolling. 

Oh she found religion!
No. I’ve been a follower of Jesus for  a very long time. (What does that even mean!?!)
He is love.
(What does that even mean!?!)
The same way you love your family, would do anything for them, He loves you even more than that.
Its always so hard to believe, especially when things go wrong.
Especially when you’ve been hit with a bible on your head for so long all that Christianity seems is like a headache.
Or if the person you trusted so much and betrayed you was a christian.
(I am a christian, and I’ve done some pretty crappy stuff.)
The examples are endless of what is wrong with religion.
I am not talking about religion though.
I’m talking about a relationship.
Hope we can explore a little more of this from time to time.
I hope you’re game.

p.s have you purchased my super lovely ebook yet? 

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