How can silence help you figure out what you want?

You (and half of your friends) have no idea what you really want.
Even worse? You are being told daily what it is you should want.

With no money, no standing in lines, no annoying customer care person on the other end, you can find out exactly what it is you want!

I’m going to tell you how you can find out what it is you want about your life, whether it’s a situation that needs to change, or things you need to eliminate, or something you used to do that used to make you happy and you have somehow completely forgotten about it.

I will admit the way to do this makes me cringe a little bit. It puts me on edge because it is not so usual (for me anyway!)

I remember talking to a friend about it and having them visibly cringe at the thought.
‘I could never do that!’

When I need a quick regroup, when I am feeling a bit confused when I don’t know what to do ….

I practice silence.

No phone, no music, no computer (If I have to use it, no Youtube, Spotify, Itunes, TuneIn or whatever musical application you are using).

I go about my day, but I practice silence to hear what my heart is saying and I ask questions.
Why am I unhappy about this part of my life? Why am I afraid of a certain thing happening?

Practice silence, enjoy the clarity.

  1. This is so true, and it has been an application that I have received great results from. Excellent advice, that I truly recommend.

  2. This works like a charm, that how I created better plans that worked out in my life. I left some “friends” in the past, and left a very trying relationship. Silence!! just like writing this comment, I’m here in silence in the comfort of my home, where I feel secure.

    • Hi Amanda, thats great to hear! I’m glad that somebody else has experienced the benefits of it.The challenge for me is silence at home, tv on, music on, computer on.Working on it thought.Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hi Twaambo,

    I have actuall practiced this from childhood. I do not know how it started but I found that a conversations with self really does wonders. Could it be because I stum!

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