Ambitious African women

Is there anything an African woman cannot do?

What has helped these women get to the top? Ambition and tenacity.

A go-getter attitude, refusing to quit. Another thing that has been detrimental to our success is having tools to use to get to these heights.

For a long time, one picture that has been painted about African women is the sad African mother, with the starving children and the water well that is lots of kilometres away that she has to walk to get draw water from. She lives only for the survival of her children and her husband, the sun beating on her back, her husband being mildly abusive.(The portrayal of African men is another issue that needs to be tackled!)Nobody stops to ask what her ambitions are. What does she want?


She loves her family, she will move the earth to provide for her family,..but what does she want to achieve for herself? How possible is it that she will see these ambitions to fruition? As a modern African woman living in the Diaspora, I’m spoilt for choice with tools to hurtle me to success. Free online courses, community college, apps for my device of choice, books and the powerful world wide web. Some of my sisters on the continent have some access to that too. What about my sister in my country that does not have the tools right at her fingertips? What kind of tools can I put in her hands to help her realise her personal ambitions?

Why do I have to WAIT to take care of  the needs of my sister so she can have her wants?(wait for the government, wait for the internet, wait someone else to start an NGO..wait wait wait!)No longer can I think I can just throw money at an organisation to go do it for me, or just send  the money back home and watch it be used as a solution that is not long term.

I need to find a long-term solution for my sister. All the valuable information I am learning from these tools I am fortunate to have, I can help my sister realise her ambition.


What tools can I use to edge myself closer to achieving all I aspire to? How can I provide a simple tool for another sister to achieve hers? Most importantly what tools are you not taking the advantage of to get you to the top?


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