What’s on your plate?

I lay on the floor on my back, breathing. I had just had a challenging day and it was only the second week of the year.

‘I can’t go on like this!’ I thought to myself almost in a panic.

I’ve got too much on my plate!

After a few minutes, a question bubbled up in my mind.

‘Who put all these things on your plate?’

I squirmed.

I ignored the question for a few seconds.

I thought of all the things I was involving myself in, things that I had willingly volunteered to help with. Projects in which I had appointed myself as the leader.
” Why did I do that?!” I said out loud.

I took a good honest look at everything that I had to do, wanted to do, and had made myself do.

I got on my computer and sent out emails retracting myself from unwanted projects. Projects that I was doing out of resentment because I did not want to be doing them anyway.

The self-appointed leader thing? Nobody likes a self-appointed leader. Your work will not be appreciated, you will seem like a know it all and a bully. Save yourself a headache and only help when asked.

what’s on your plate that is overwhelming you?

reassess and act accordingly.

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