What happens when women talk?

What happens when women sit down and talk?


I know many beautiful women.

Beautiful women, crazy women, women who’s smiles melt your heart, women with sharp minds, women who I’d gobble up in a minute if they were cupcakes.

I’ve been dying to sit with these women and just stare at them and listen to them speak, pick their brains …and ask ‘Why are you so awesome?’ .

I had been doing that before with the interviews I did for this blog, but that was not enough. I wanted hugs, I wanted to look into eyes, hold hands, laugh, think, muse and just love on other women.

It finally happened.

I set up a meeting and met with two ladies and we had a good time talking.

We talked about our dreams, we talked about what we wanted other women to know.

We offered advice, we laughed, learned things we would not have known if we had not sat down and gulped ginger ale in the scorching heat.

In our own way we celebrated each other, we learnt from each other in a lovely respectful environment.

What did I learn?

That women care about other women. That cooking as a family brings you closer. That there are things that we just don’t understand and we are trying to. That you don’t have to wait to have that qualification to go after your dream… that looking into the eyes of another woman as she encourages you on, is powerful.


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