Where do you go to be soft?


Where do you go to be soft?

Where do you go to fall to your knees, neck outstretched to the sky and let the dam holding the floodgates of your heart… open… open and allow the gush…

Where do you go to be still?

To let your throat go hoarse from crying because you don’t know how or why..

Where do you fully express your emotions, because if you hold them tight you’ll blow.?

Where do you go?

Are you only useful when you are strong?

Nah, find that place and go soft.

We need you… soft….





  1. Beautiful. “When you don’t feel like yourself anymore” really resonated w me as I’m at a crossroads Senior year of hs waiting to hear back from schools. Thank you for sharing your guidance dada mkubwa (older sister) ❤️

    • Hi Subiya 🙂 Beautiful name. I remember what that feels like. It is a confusing and oftentimes scary place to be.Remember you have done your best.Life can take you on many surprising journeys but remember to honour your feelings and your choices.Its okay to make mistakes sometimes. Roll with it. You’ll do great! Sending hugs! T

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