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Why you need to let go of offence.


There are thousands of opportunities each day to take offence. Offence from people airing their views on social media, offence by the ‘tone’ in someone’s email.

What is offence?

It is the annoyance or resentment brought about by a perceived insult to or disregard for oneself. (Oxford dictionary)

The world seems to have exploded with discussions about race, about how we are letting our differences be a source of offence and criticism.We are taking offence in our personal relationships, sometimes even over the smallest of things.

‘Can’t believe she said that!’

‘What a ..##&§”

It feels horrible to have your opinion or views taken out of context and be held accountable for something you were not actually saying.

It hurts the heart that people can assume you meant one thing when in fact you meant something else.

You know what is even worse? When no matter how much you explain, you are sentenced to the prison of offenders.Nobody believes you.

We have all been treated that way, and have treated people the same way at one time or another.

Think about the expression ‘Take offence’…YOU…TAKE…Offence. You actually pick it up and say, okay I am going to be offended.

Where does offence come from?

Misunderstanding. You are misunderstood and the other person gets offended. You misunderstand and you are offended.

You misunderstand and you are offended.


You deliberately say something that you know will offend someone else…and vice versa.People can be very very mean.

BUT you have the power to take offence or not.

What happens when you take offence? You carry it around in your head all day, mulling over it and having no peace whatsoever.

You start to dislike the offender, declaring them no longer worthy of your time, your communication, not even your thoughts ( even though you are constantly thinking of them)!

They are banished from that rosy garden of your heart and mind! Be gone!

The offence also causes a blockage.You block the freedom of your heart, you block love from coming in and out. The offence can pile up until you can’t even get a trickle of love to come through.

“He that loveth his brother abideth in the light, and there is none occasion of stumbling in him.” — (1 John 2:10)

Offence closes you off and keeps you from loving yourself, loving your fellow man, and letting the love of God manifest fully in your life.

Imagine yourself sinking in a swimming pool, its quiet as the water fills your ears, you are holding your breath, you are sinking deeper and deeper.Each offence is adding weight to you.You can’t see it, but you wonder why as you continue to sink…

What do you do when you take offence. Realise that you have. Say out loud

“This is an opportunity to take offense, but I am not going to do it!I leave it right here and invite love into my heart.”

But when you release! You start to float, you’re going up and up and up until you break through the surface of the water, arms raised to take a deep satisfying breath!As life-giving oxygen fills your lungs, life surges within you! arms outstretched to the sky …you are free.

Release that person, and move on with a free heart. You have the power to not weigh your heart down with the unnecessary.


Fill your heart with love!






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