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Dear <Insert your wonderful name here>

I want to live in a world where Young Africans are not afraid to venture into creative businesses and spaces. A world where they can be as creative as they can be without writing it off as unimportant because they think they cannot earn money from their creativity.A world which celebrates their brilliant colourful creativity without them being taken advantage of for it.

It breaks my heart when I see young Africans devote so much time and effort to careers and paths they do not enjoy because they believe it is the only way to survive in this world. Or to see such amazing talent go to waste because they simply do not believe in themselves or their creativity.

I want you to feel confident, inspired and well able. I want you to rock the creative world and bring a spin to it that the world is yet to experience.

So, I’ve created a guide for Young Africans and it is on sale now 🙂

I learned these lessons over a period of a year as I transitioned from an anxiety-ridden science major to a full-time writer.It feels right to share this information as there is no better time than now for young Africans to stand up and showcase their creativity to the world.

I love offering you these insights directly and cheaply.

Feel free to direct people here and let young Africans know they no longer need to be afraid.

Get ready to begin your creative journey, tap into your talents and collaborate with other creatives.

Right now, I want you to check out my book, and get it as a gift for anyone you know that is highly talented but is struggling or just plain shy.

It all begins now.

With all my love,


  1. Barbara Walker

    Amazing book. I loved it!

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