You know how some books are #UnPutDownable (unable to put down – you keep reading becasue it is so good!) ? 
You simply cannot stop reading it! Heart racing, pulse quickening…you almost rip the page as you turn it….!
Every page you turn simply brings a new twist and before you know it, its three in the morning and…you’ve just read the last line….
Why didn’t I know about John Verdon all this time? Why have you been hiding all this information from me! 
I read two of his books..on holiday….in 10 days……
( yes  I did get to do a lot on my holiday and not just read!)

Think of a number…I totally did not know what was going to happen in this book, every step of the way..

This was the first one I read..lets say it was downhill from there..in the sense that it was so good I couldn’t stop!


Has me questioning all kinds of things. A lot of things I ever believed to be true….may indeed not be. Its teaching me how to question everything..

‘No matter how much you have invested, only your assessment of the future costs and benefits count’

Stuck in a job or with an investment (a course you are studying, a relationship you are staying in because..well you invested 5 years….)  forget about what you have invested in, what will cost to have the future you want?

What are you reading? Got any recommendations?
Please write it in the comments below..or tweet me @bookwormgiraffe


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