How you help me live a better life!

Happy New Year!

How  were your holidays? 

Mine? Oh, the usual,  lovely Christmas service at church, hilarious play by the kids of the little town I was visiting aaaaaannnnd….. I ate a little too much. Yup. 

The great thing about the beginning of the year is how we reflect on what we want for the coming year. It’s a chance to hit the restart button on many issues in our lives and offers hope for a lot of people.

In light of reflecting, I took some time off to really clarify what it is I do on this website.


Truly Twaambo brings honesty and humour to writing, motivation and encouragement.

Truly Twaambo does this while helping readers live a better life.

So who are my readers you may ask?

My ideal reader needs direction and encouragement because we have an inborn need to fulfill our dreams.

Is this you? You are in the right place!! 🙂

This is what I do with this website.


Emails like these:

“Twaambo, I’m so discouraged. I can’t seem to get going on ANYTHING. Is it worth it to keep trying, to keep hoping, that everything will turn out alright?”

What does this mean for trulytwaambo? It means that what posts will continue to be about is  giving you that little push you need to finally get moving on the big things and the little things.

Little changes that include enjoying the good things in life like.. a doughnut once in a while. Or Udon. Look at this .. mmmmm boy did I enjoy these.




My posts will include a little music sometimes, talks about God and how He fits into the big picture and exploring  this wonderful thing called life.

How do you as a reader come in and make my life better?

You don’t know how much hearing from you helps me live my life better. I learn so much about life and myself by hearing from you. Those that have cheered my on, thank you so much.

Those that have cheered my on, thank you so much.

Those that have walked with me through my low times, thank you.

Those that have allowed me to walk with them through happy and not so happy times. Thank you.

Please keep reading and sharing.

Keep trying, and making your life more joyful and happy every single day.

Keep asking God questions. He’s not afraid of them.

Let’s make this year more about joy.

Email me: twaambo@trulytwaambo.com and let’s talk about what your dreams are and how we can get there.

Let’s begin by taking this quiz, to find out a little more about what’s going on inside.

Love y’all!


Additional resources:

Have you admitted to yourself how much you fear failure? Download my book now to figure out all those confusing feelings.

Don’t own a Kindle? No problem. You can download one of the free Kindle apps for your web browser, desktop computer, or any mobile device you have.

How do you navigate through the confusing feelings after failure? 




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