What do you deserve?


You had nothing to do with the fact that you were not born handicapped.

You had nothing to do with the fact that you were born in a first world country. You did not choose what ‘comes naturally’ to you

There are countless things that we have that we rightly deserve.
The nice computer, the nice shoes, the fancy camera we can afford (or sometimes not..that’s another post) because of the job we have.

We have the job we have because we worked hard at school, got the qualifications, networked etc

We have good social standing with our peers because we work hard at it, we stay current with the latest trends, music, literature, designs, jargon….

What about the things we don’t deserve?

Why did you deserve to be born healthy and whole?

Why did you deserve to have a child that is born without complications?

Why did you deserve to never have experienced extreme poverty? 
Why do you deserve to have come from a  somewhat happy home, to have both parents alive, to have met your grandparents, to have had birthday parties as a child?

Why do you deserve to be alive right now?

Why do you deserve all the wonderful things that have happened in the past, that are happening now and are yet to happen?

There are so many things that you have right now that you do not deserve. 
Countless things, if you sat there and tallied what you do not deserve, you would be dumbfounded.

We spend  so much time talking about our rights and what we think and believe we deserve, usually up in arms about it.
We complain that we don’t deserve to be treated this and that way especially with regards to negative things. 
(This is correct, nobody deserves (ha, that word again!) to be treated wrongly, have their rights violated etc), but…

There are also positive things that you have that you do not deserve.

Thank God.

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