silence, alone time, time alone, being present

What do you hear?

 You wake up in the morning,turn the radio on whilst you shower,turn it off when done,turn on the television for breakfast,turn on the ipod for your journey to work (no eye contact with the people on the train!) 

Get to work,begin work,if in an informal environment the music keeps pumping,or the jazz keeps playing,lunch is a few phone calls to set up for the evening,back to work,work an hour more than required to catch up,get off work,ipod back on,meet up with some people for dinner,talk laugh,drink…..if not meeting people,get home make the quickest dinner,tv or computer on…..and on it goes till bedtime…then turn on that cd that sounds like the ocean…

The whole time you did not at all experience any silence….the elevator has music too.

You have not had the time to listen to how you feel,to reacquaint yourself with your voice.Even time spent on the toilet (throne to some of you) is spent reading how to burn muscle fat (which you never get to 🙂   
When are you going to put your name higher on the list of people you listen to…on a daily basis. You may have even forgotten how to listen to your body, you don’t know when you are hungry, or when you have had enough.

You only know to eat because its lunch time.

Not suggesting some sort of spooky sitting in the dark all by yourself, chanting, burning incense waiting to spiritually download some stuff……just take it easy, and be quiet for a little while everyday.

What do you hear?

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