comfort zone

What greatness lies beneath ?

So this Sunday at church Pastor talked about getting out of your comfort zone…You know that little nook that is so nice and warm, where you’ve dragged all your toys into, where you rule, where nothing can go wrong……where you know where everything is, how it functions, what to do if it’s not working just quite right……..

I watched Felix Baumgartner fall off the edge of space on the Internet again…free falling..and this time I cried. (Instead of sitting there fretting as to whether he will live!)
Watching him do that called out to a greatness within me, a greatness I know lies within but I’m still trying to figure it out..am I afraid of it? maybe.. am I sticking too much to my comfort zone…..I think that’s one of the reasons.

How scary it must have been to make that jump! It must be scary for you to make new friends, start that business or ask that girl to marry you. Comfort zones are great for a while but can be dangerous if we dwell in them for too long. Do you know how much more exciting things in your life could be if you tried something different? Do you know how much money you could make by taking that leap?

Felix Baumgartner stepped out of that shuttle, with that suit on, knowing that if anything went wrong his skin would boil…now you know how much it hurts when you burn your tongue on a hot cuppa! Sitting around on earth was too much of a comfort zone for him….and he took that shuttle up to the edge of space and jumped…and we watched, breaths held..will he live? Even my three-month-old nephew watched!


I want to encourage you today to step out. Do something extraordinary. You will be changing a life. Yours.

  1. You know what will be a real gamechanger? A black person leaping off the edge of space..or even off an Acapulco cliff!

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