What’s next?

Not knowing what is going to happen next makes me procrastinate big time!When I’m circling around something time and time again,its mostly because I am unsure,I am nervous and most of all I am afraid.
Afraid of what comes next,its unknown.How will I go about figuring out what happens next?

Procrastinating sets me in a place where I am unhappy with where I am……but I am nervous of where I am going.I don’t know where I’m headed.I don’t know anything else but where I am now.

It may not be where I want to be…..its become an uncomfortable comfort zone.With that said I’m heading back to my OWN BLOG POST about comfort zones,and get my butt to moving.

A lot of material has been posted online about how procrastination may be your consciousness allowing you to only move when the time is best.To not be too rash.

When do you know that its not just procrastination and total complete avoidance?What if you just don’t want to?
How about just admitting that you just don’t want to?That’s usually puts me at ease….and then gives me a different perspective on why I should.My worry about how bad it will feel doing it is usually unfounded and I (sometimes) gain momentum into getting said task done.Or maybe I just don’t want to do it!
Either way,I have to have a respect for myself and my feelings.Procrastination is in a funny way helping me learn how to trust myself more.Finding out what motivates me,or that what I am doing just for the benefit of someone else,caring about their thoughts,what will they think about me.
It is also opening my eyes to what is important to me.Through procrastination I am learning that ….I am important.That my feelings count.

This though I think cannot be interpreted into say a work assignment,when it is your job to get certain tasks done and you’re actually being paid for it.Procrastinating on certain decisions can jeopardise your work,your position,the company!Doing a shoddy job and claiming creativeness through procrastination…I don’t know about that…

Basically,my question is….why do you procrastinate?The answer ‘I just don’t want to do it’ is perfectly acceptable.After that answer I would move onto why? You may find you actually do not love what you do and consider moving onto something else,another path…..or it may be you just had to much at lunch and you’re kind of lazy and sleepy.Either way,you now understand why.
If just goofing around though…I’d be concerned…xoxo

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