Where theres a will…..

photo by Juan Carlos Galindo
You know, today I asked myself why have I not been able to put my trust in God 100%.
I realise that it’s because I have blamed him for my bad decisions.
Which translates to blaming Him for giving me the will to choose, and living with the consequences?
Since He has given me the will to choose, I, therefore, must CHOOSE to trust Him, believe in Him and believe in His goodness.
How wonderful that He does not stand over me and force me but allows me to choose whether I will or not.
How amazing is that?
  1. Educated Villager

    Been going through some testing times and the smoke blew away earlier this morning. I must sit back and trust Him to pull me through what He’s done in the past without my asking. That’s what’s amazing. Found God today! Bless you for sharing this.

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