Why is social media the first to go?

So in light of me putting my self first, social media is the first to go.

This is not the first time this has happened.When I have weaned myself off that facebook twitter drug,I usually let my close friend Citty Cat know,coming to think of it I don’t know why we don’t sms or email more (tsk tsk we need to work on this Citty).

Social media is the first to go because…I feel it sucks me dry,in that I forget myself,forget to have the one quiet moment,but instead FOCUS ON OTHERS by seeing what they are up to,who said what,what funny picture has been uploaded,and all other silly mannerisms that I adopted for this blue thing called facebook,but it leaves me and my needs and my wants hanging.

How much time am I spending on social media you might ask.More than I should!I log in and out so often..
I find that when I dont,I get other thing done,my monthly work schedule gets done,that email I need to send,updating and tweaking my cv,my nails get painted slowly and carefully instead of in a dash before going out.

I’ve now toned it down to checking once a week. Facebooking once a week.I also reason that if we really are good friends then I have your email address and we can email each other,which feels more personal and close than in a barrage of photos,rants and fake raves (I see you!)
My best friend lives in Australia,I skype with her or gchat with her every single day,we watch Australian tv,we chat while I cook and she washes dishes,we have both been known to dose off during chats,especially with the difference in time zones…all this without facebook.I just want more one on one and not be sucked into it,basically I need to get healthier emotionally for all that.I’m working on it.

Facebook is a great thing,if you know to control yourself when you are on it.I think I do not have quite a good handle on it.So we will start with once a week on this road to recovery.

Apparently rehab is for quitters…if I quit and I live after then aint no thang *snap snap*

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