power of words

The power of words

What words still rattle in your mind? Words spoken by someone in a high emotional state, irritation, anger or jealousy, words that shot straight to your heart…and still lurks in your mind, affecting your decisions, affecting how you relate to other people…

Had a long talk with my friend the other day and we both talked about things that had been said to us that still affect us today.

Two people stand out in my mind that had said really hurtful things that come up time and again. One was said out of spite, the other was hurled at me in disgust and contempt. I can still hear the tone of it years later. 

Words leave a longer lasting impression than you would ever believe.
I saw an interesting question on Pinterest..

‘Imagine a world where the words you speak appear on your skin, would you be more careful of what you say? ‘

Would you?

Stop hurting others with cruel words.


  1. I totally agree.
    How much more easy do we forget words of encouragement compared to words of discouragement?
    Also, if somebody said hurtful things or comments, it ALWAYS felt so much more coming straight from the persons heart than a ‘well done’ or ‘I like how you managed this. Carry on.’….

    to the words on the skin: I bet people would be more careful. If any mama would see her kid coming home with all those words on their body that some people use, there would be a good old smack;)

  2. Just had to share this song: it’s what came to mind as I read. 🙂 Nice post!

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