You listen to yourself the most.

You cannot see on the outside what you do not see on the inside.

Things happen, life happens. But you ultimately have control of what is happening within you.

If you start to think bad thoughts..interrupt those thoughts with good WORDS!


You know how when you are trying to concentrate hard on something and someone is blabbering away ..

“Will you shut up! I cant think!” is usually the response

Interrupt those crippling thoughts

‘I’m not doing enough, I’m a loser,’I’m not good enough.I’m not getting better, things will never get better, I don’t matter. Nobody loves me’

You know who you listen to the most? Yourself. – tweet

You hear your voice the most. Use it for good. For yourself. 

So many people ask you to raise your voice the victims and underprivileged.
You have been a victim of the wrong thoughts.Its time to raise your voice to negate those evil thoughts.

You are not everything you think.

Crack open that big bible you have sitting on a shelf in your house. You may discover someone has hidden money in there because nobody really reads  it (chuckles! long standing hiding place in a few house holds I know) open the book of Proverbs. Start anywhere. So much goodness there.


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