You should care!

Who actually cares if you achieve something?
Who cares how much work you have to do?
Who cares if  you get that degree?
Start that business?
Improve your credit rating?
Have more money in the bank?
Who cares really?

I think no one cares as much as you should.

Maybe your immediate family,your wife,husband,those in close contact with you.Your Mum (yay To Mum’s everywhere!)..but really who cares?

Who cares that you have goals and have a checklist?

What is important and what will drive you is that you care!

You care what your grade is,you care what your website looks like,you care what your home looks like,that your goals are achieved,that you lose the weight,that you buy your home debt free,that you pay everything cash.


If you don’t who will?
Who will care enough to come in and clean your house for you?Who will care enough to put in that extra work to meet that deadline?
If I don’t care to make it worthwhile and excellent then who will?
That  is another question rattling through my brain right a this moment!

Don’t worry about the haters,or who is cheering you on(yes we need cheerleaders but they need someone that CARES and is COMMITTED to winning!)
What do you care about?
Its time to get to caring a little bit,about you,your plans and your goals.


 …….and look here is a random bicycle sitting outside a boutique in Bad Godesberg…making everything pretty.

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